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I-94 Program: 2017 Monthly Arrivals Data

On March 7, 2018 the National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO) temporarily suspended the publication of overseas arrivals data due to data anomalies in records received from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. NTTO discovered these anomalies during normal quality control processes. Further analyses determined that these anomalies represented errors in a statistically significant number of records. This warranted removal of previously published preliminary 2016 and 2017 data. Revised data will be posted to the NTTO website as soon as calculations are completed and checked. An announcement will be made via NTTO's TINews once revisions are cleared for publication. To subscribe to NTTO's TINews, click here.

NTTO, the main source of I-94 arrivals data, works cooperatively with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to release I-94 arrivals data, providing a comprehensive count of all travelers entering the United States.

DHS and NTTO's primary goal is to provide our stakeholders with reliable, valid I-94 arrivals data - error free from the elements we can control. NTTO works closely with DHS to reach this primary goal each month.


Non-Resident Arrivals to the United States: Overseas, Canada, Mexico & International
  • Arrivals Data
Non-Resident Arrivals to the United States: World Region of Residence
  • Arrivals by World Region
Non-Resident Arrivals to the United States: Top 20 Countries
  • Top 20 Tourist-Generating Countries
U.S. Monthly Arrivals Trend Line: Overseas, Canada, Mexico & International
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Monthly Arrivals to the U.S. - Table C
Table C is broken out into six different sections in order to assure a quick download time. (Please Note: To print this page please set page setup to landscape mode and set margins 0.00).
  • Section 1: Total Arrivals, Canada, Mexico, Total Overseas, Europe
  • Section 2: Latin America (Excl. Mexico), Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania
  • Section 3: France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands
  • Section 4: Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
  • Section 5: India, Japan, South Korea, PRC (Excl HK), ROC (Taiwan)
  • Section 6: Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela
Top Airports for Overseas Non-Resident Arrivals to the U.S.
  • Top Ports
Comparison of Business vs. Pleasure Travel for Overseas Non-Resident Arrivals to the U.S.
  • Business vs. Pleasure Travel