ITA - Office of Travel and Tourism Industries
I-94 Program: 2015-2018 Monthly-Quarterly-Annual Arrivals Data

NTTO, the main source of I-94 arrivals data, works cooperatively with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to release I-94 arrivals data, providing a comprehensive count of all travelers entering the United States.

DHS and NTTO's primary goal is to provide our stakeholders with reliable, valid I-94 arrivals data - error free from the elements we can control. NTTO works closely with DHS to reach this primary goal each month.

The data files below integrate the volume of inbound international visitors to the United States from residents of other countries using three U.S. and International government sources: DHS/CBP I-94 program data, Statistics Canada's International Travel Survey, and Banco de Mexico travel data.

A Fact Sheet for 2017 international visitor spending and visitor volume is available here.

The I-94 data release policy and 2018 publication schedule can be viewed here. This link also provides a short description on how I-94 arrivals data are collected. To learn more about the I-94 arrivals program, go to the Visitor Arrivals Program (I-94 Record) web site page. Please call Claudia Wolfe at 202-482-4555 or e-mail at if you have questions.


Non-Resident Arrivals to the United States: Overseas, Canada, Mexico & International
U.S. Monthly Arrivals Trend Line: Overseas, Canada, Mexico & International
Top Ports for Arrivals to the United States
Overseas Non-Resident Arrivals to the U.S. by Visa Type