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I-94 Program: 2017 Monthly Arrivals Data

Preliminary 2016 and preliminary 2017 I-94 visitor arrivals data will be revised during calendar year 2018. Preliminary data may reflect an undercount in 2016 and 2017 of overseas (excludes Canada and Mexico) visitor arrivals to the United States. For more information, please review our Frequently Asked Questions that outline the steps we are taking to address these issues.

NTTO, the main source of I-94 arrivals data, works cooperatively with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to release I-94 arrivals data, providing a comprehensive count of all travelers entering the United States.

DHS and NTTO's primary goal is to provide our stakeholders with reliable, valid I-94 arrivals data - error free from the elements we can control. NTTO works closely with DHS to reach this primary goal each month. With regard to timeliness, NTTO and DHS have mutually agreed that NTTO will release I-94 arrivals data with a five month lag after the reported month. At the same time, NTTO and DHS both agree that improving this delivery schedule is important and hopefully achievable. Both NTTO and DHS agree that reducing the lag to three months from the reported month would be ideal. But our teams also understand that tightening the schedule may mean reducing the lag to only four months from the reported month before we can achieve our shared goal of a three month lag. A review of the arrivals data release schedule will take place in early 2018. We are all committed to reducing the lag time, as long as DHS and NTTO maintain the ability to release reliable, valid data.

In an effort to maintain this five month lag schedule, NTTO will post I-94 arrivals data to its website on a rolling release schedule. Therefore, we encourage stakeholders to check this website periodically.

I-94 monthly arrivals data are released as preliminary data, with these data subject to revisions that may be possible with improved solutions and/or sources discovered during the reported calendar year. The next arrivals data release is planned for March 2018, posting October 2017 arrivals data to this website.

A set of 'Frequently Asked Questions' (Q&As) regarding the I-94 arrivals data program are available for your review.

The data reports below integrate the volume of inbound International visitors to the United States from residents of other countries using three U.S. and International government sources: the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/U.S. Customs and Border Protection I-94 arrivals program data, Statistics Canada's International Travel Survey and Banco de Mexico travel data.

To learn more about the I-94 arrivals program, go to the Visitor Arrivals Program (I-94 Record) web site page. Please call Claudia Wolfe at 202-482-4555 or e-mail at if you have questions.

Non-Resident Arrivals to the United States: Overseas, Canada, Mexico & International
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Non-Resident Arrivals to the United States: World Region of Residence
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Non-Resident Arrivals to the United States: Top 20 Countries
  • Top 20 Tourist-Generating Countries Excel Download
U.S. Monthly Arrivals Trend Line: Overseas, Canada, Mexico & International
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Monthly Arrivals to the U.S. - Table C
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Top Airports for Overseas Non-Resident Arrivals to the U.S.
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Comparison of Business vs. Pleasure Travel for Overseas Non-Resident Arrivals to the U.S.
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