Monthly Tourism Statistics
Mexican Arrivals to Interior Only

Total Mexican arrivals on this page reflect only those Mexican visitors who fill out the INS Form I-94. Essentially this is limited to those visiting the U.S. interior, beyond the 40 kilometer (25 miles) U.S. border zone. This encompasses all air travelers to the United States. Mexican visitors who stay within the border zone and travel with border crossing permits (INS Form SW-444) are not included in these tabulations. They were included in INS visitor counts before 1983 Because of this change, it is estimated that the Mexican arrivals count in the monthly report only represents about 15 - 20% of the total visitation from Mexico.

The Office of Travel and Tourism Industries (OTTI) relies on Banco de Mexico to report total Mexican arrivals on an annual basis as reported in the on the web site TInet ( See our Latest Statistics/Outreach: Inbound Travel to the U.S. section of the web site. It is located on the main page on the lower left hand side. Once you click on this link, scroll down until you see the Inbound Overview link. Click on it, and you will see several tables on this page that will provide the total travel figure for Mexico.

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