La Cumbre Presentation -- 1998
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How has the duration of U.S. trips by Mexican air travelers changed during these past three years of economic erosion?

Not surprisingly, but maybe not intuitively, in 1995, with far fewer trips being taken, travelers had to capitalize on their time on a given trip, maybe do two or three meetings back to back, rather than a single one, or just take one longer vacation, rather than two or three short ones. As a consequence, their trips actually were longer in that critical year.

However, in 1996, we saw duration plummet, to levels lower than witnessed in the history of the IFS which dates back to 1985. Business trip duration dropped more than a quarter, leisure trips really shortened, down 36% in length.

Last year, 1997, duration recovered somewhat so that the average length of stay neared 10 nights. Business trips were nearly 30 percent longer than in 1996; even holiday trips were more than a night longer in 1997.

Chart 8 -- Average Nights in the U.S. by Mexican Air Travelers

Average Nights in the U.S. by Mexican Air Travelers

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