La Cumbre Presentation -- 1998
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Air arrivals were on an upward course from 1992 to 1994, increasing about 6 percent. 1994 was the peak year for Mexican air travel to the U.S.

And illustrated very graphically is the impact of the peso devaluation and all it's ramifications on travel among this lucrative segment of the Mexican market. We saw a drop that exceeded the decline in the total market -- air arrivals fell by nearly 40% while the market at large lost 29% in 1995.

The recovery in this segment of the market has been very encouraging, up a stunning 23% in 1996 and a 19 percent in 1997, in an otherwise lackluster year.

Chart 7 -- Mexican Air Arrivals to the U.S.

Mexican Air Arrivals to the U.S.

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