La Cumbre Presentation -- 1998
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A key driver for Latin America is certainly business travel to the U.S.

More than four in 10 Mexican air travelers cited business and/or conferences as their main purpose of trip. Not unexpectedly, business-related travel was the one segment of the air travel market in 1995 that was largely unchange, in fact, posted a slightly positive increase. The constraint that business travelers exhibited, however, is evident by the 10 point increase in 1996. I don't see the 3 point change in 1997 as a drop, but as a return to more normal levels.

Central America, providing only a half million arrivals, also had a very high rate of business-associated travel.

And a third of South American travel is for business, up 9 points in the past three years.

Chart 17 -- Business/Conference Travel From Key Latin American Regions

Business/Conference Travel From Key Latin American Regions

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