Abstract of International Travel To and From the U.S. - 1995
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In-Flight Survey - Outbound Profile of the Overseas U.S. Resident Traveler


U.S. Travelers to
Average Total Trip Expenditures: Overseas Destinations
Per Travel Party $4,205
Per Visitor $2,703
Average Expenditures Outside the U.S.:
Per Travel Party $1,699
Per Visitor $1,092
Per Visitor Per Day $61
Sex and Age of Traveler:
Male Adults 58%
Female Adults 42%
Average Age of Male (years) 45.1
Average Age of Female (years) 43.2
Professional/Technical 35%
Manager/Executive 31%
Retired 10%
Homemaker/Housewife 6%
Student 6%
Clerical/Sales 6%
Craftsman/Factory Worker 3%
Government/Military 2%
Annual Household Income:
Average $91,700
Median $77,600

7 Multiple Response

NOTE: All percentages listed in this profile can be converted into estimated numbers by multiplying the percentage by 19,059,000 (total U.S. Residents visiting overseas destinations).

Source: In-Flight Survey of International Air Travelers Annual Report 1995

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