Abstract of International Travel To and From the U.S. - 1995
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In-Flight Survey - Outbound Profile of the Overseas Traveler


U.S. Travelers to
U.S. Travelers to Overseas Destinations: (1) Overseas Destinations
Pacific 19%
California 16%
Los Angeles 5%
San Jose 2%
San Francisco 2%
Washington 2%
Pacific Islands 1%
Advance Trip Decision:
Average Number of Days 70.9
Median Number of Days 48.0
Advance Airline Reservation:
Average Number of Days 42.5
Median Number of Days 27.0
Information Sources:(2)
Travel Agency 66%
Airline 32%
Friends, Relatives 29%
Travel Guides/Timetables 14%
Company Travel Dept. 10%
Print Media Articles 8%
Tour Director/Co. 8%
Government Sources 5%
Print Media Ads 5%
Use of Pre-Paid Package:
Yes 22%
No 78%
  1. All U.S. Census Regions reported. State and city estimates are only listed if they comprise at least 2% of the 19,059,000 U.S. residents visiting overseas destinations in 1995. The total number of U.S. travelers to overseas destinations is obtained from the Tourism Industries Report, U.S. International Air Travel Statistics. All other figures listed in this profile are obtained from the Tourism Industries "1995 Survey of International Air Travelers."
  2. Multiple Response

NOTE: All percentages listed in this profile can be converted into estimated numbers by multiplying the percentage by 19,059,000 (total U.S. Residents visiting overseas destinations).

Source: In-Flight Survey of International Air Travelers Annual Report 1995