Abstract of International Travel To and From the U.S. - 1995
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In-Flight Survey - Inbound Profile of the Overseas Traveler

Overseas Travelers
Nights Spent in the U.S. to the U.S.
Average 16.4
Median 9.0
First International U.S. Trip:
First Time Visitors 24%
Repeat Visitors 76%
Number of States Visited:
One State 62%
Two States 20%
Three or More States 18%
Average (Number of States) 1.7
Median (Number of States) 1.0
Transportation in the U.S.: (4)
Taxi 38%
Rented Auto 36%
Private Auto 32%
Airline in the U.S. 31%
City Subway/Bus 21%
Bus between Cities 12%
Railroad between Cities 5%
Recreational Vehicle 3%
New York 16%
Miami 16%
Los Angeles 12%
Honolulu 11%
San Francisco 6%
Agana, Guam 6%
Chicago 4%
Orlando 4%
Newark 3%
Atlanta 2%
Boston 2%
Washington Dulles 2%

All percentages listed in this profile can be converted into estimated numbers by multiplying the percentage by 20,639,000 (total overseas travelers to the U.S.)

Source:Survey of International Air Travelers (In-Flight Survey)