Abstract of International Travel To and From the U.S. - 1995
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In-Flight Survey - Inbound Profile of the Overseas Traveler

Overseas Travelers
Advance Trip Decision: to the U.S.
Average Number of Days 64.2
Median Number of Days 42.0
Advance Airline Reservation:
Average Number of Days 40.5
Median Number of Days 24.0
Information Sources:(2)
Travel Agent 65%
Friends, Relatives 28%
Airlines 22%
Travel Guides/Timetables 21%
Tour Operator/Company 12%
Print Media Articles 9%
Corporate Travel Dept. 9%
Print Media Ads 6%
TV/Radio Ads 4%
Nat'l Govt. Tourist Office 3%
Use of Pre-Paid Package:
Yes 34%
No (Independent) 66%
Type of Package:(2)
Air/Lodging 29%
Air/Lodging/Bus 13%
Guided Tour 11%
Air/Rental Car 10%
Pre-Booked Lodging Through:(2)
Travel Agent 34%
Company Travel Dept. 7%
Friend/Relative 7%
Tour Operator 7%
Hotel/Motel Directly 7%
Business Associate 4%
Company Employee 3%

All percentages listed in this profile can be converted into estimated numbers by multiplying the percentage by 20,639,000 (total overseas travelers to the U.S.)

Source:Survey of International Air Travelers (In-Flight Survey)