Tourism Industries International Travel and Forecast for the US - Chart #16
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Focusing on the overseas regions, arrivals are estimated to increase by 22% between 1998 and 2003 to nearly 29 million. We see double digit growth from Europe, Asia and South America as leading the overall strong growth pattern. The oil price increases in the global market will buoy the Middle East to surge forward by 68% to become the sixth largest region of arrivals for the U.S. by 2003. It's important to note that improved economic conditions, airline route expansions and promotional efforts in Central America support the extraordinarily strong increase in arrivals from this region, causing it to surpass Oceania with the projected 874,000 visitors. Africa is expected to grow by a third to reach over a third of a million visitors, while slow growth has been forecasted for the Caribbean arrivals (7%), due to slow capital flow and strong domestic (regional) promotion.
Chart #16 Overseas Regional Forecast

Overseas Regional Forecast

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