TInet: Forecast for International Travel
Twice a year Tourism Industries conducts an econometric-based forecast of tourism arrivals to the U.S. from more than 20 primary and secondary international markets. The program provides forecasted arrivals for a 3 year horizon. Outbound international travel is forecast or reported for Mexico, Canada and overseas travel only.

The release of the forecast data is timed to coincide with the Pow Wow conference in May, and the Outlook Forum in October each year. The data is presented at the two conferences and then printed and posted on our web site. Below are the graphics and written text describing each graphic. You can view, and print each graphic separately or order a printed copy from TI.

May 1999 International Travel and Forecast for the US - Charts
Forecast Tables for 33 countries and all world regions:

Estimates and Projections of International Travel to the U.S. (Estimates in Thousands)

Estimates and Projections of Top Overseas Travel Markets to the United States (Estimates in Thousands)

Analysis with Charts:

World Tourism 1998

International Arrivals to the U.S. - 1992-1998

1998 Region Arrivals (3)

1998 Overseas Regional Arrivals

1998 Visitation Equation

Average Spending in the world regions (1 of 2)

Average Spending by regions (2 of 2)

U.S. Travel Abroad

Balance of Trade

World Tourism Arrivals

World Tourism Receipts

Overall U.S. forecast -- total arrivals to 2002

Forecast for Receipts

World Region Forecast (3)

Overseas Regional forecast

Forecast by countries