Tourism Industries International Travel and Forecast for the US - Chart #8
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Looking at the daily per person per trip expenditures in the U.S., excluding airfare to/from the U.S., the average overseas visitor spent $102 per person per day on their U.S. trip in 1998. This was a 1% increase from 1997. Most of the world regions reflected similar slight increases in their daily average expenditures while in the United States. Although the number of visitors from Asia decreased substantially, their average daily expenditures actually increased slightly, to $123 per visitor per day. Western Europe rendered a slight increase, as well, in daily expenditures to $88, just under the average for those travelers from Oceania ($94 per day).
Chart #8 Average Spending in the world regions (1 of 2)

Average Spending in the world regions (1 of 2)

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