Tourism Industries International Travel and Forecast for the US - Chart #17
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Focusing on the overseas regions, overseas arrivals are estimated to increase by 14 percent between 1998 and 2002 to nearly 27 million. We look for double digit growth from Europe based on the strong growth from the UK and the Netherlands continued moderate growth from Italy, France and Sweden and the recovery of Germany into positive growth (10%).

Asia will recover late in 1999 so that by the year 2002 a ten percent increase in arrivals should be realized over the forecast period (1998 to 2002). The level of travelers from South and Central America will gain strength in the new millennium to register 17 percent and 18 percent growth rates, respectively. In reflection of the anticipated Asian economic recovery, Oceania is expected to stabilize and produce a 14 percent growth in arrivals from 1998 to 2002.

Africa is expected to grow by a fourth to reach a third of a million visitors, the Middle East should register nearly 700,000 visitors based on a 19 percent growth rate, while slow growth has been forecasted for the Caribbean arrivals (5%), due to slow capital flow, economic uncertainty in Latin America and strong domestic (regional) promotion.

Chart #17 Overseas Regional Forecast

Overseas Regional Forecast

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