Tourism Industries International Travel and Forecast for the US -- Chart 5
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Our Caribbean neighbors certainly demonstrate high potential for positive economic impact with an average expenditure of $106 per person per day coupled by an average stay in the U.S. of nearly 11 nights.

South Americans' spending has remained at a high average and outdistanced spending by the European visitors by nearly two thirds.

In 1996, we attributed the significant climb in spending by Mexican air travelers to pent up demand, following the severe monetary restrictions in 1995. True to course, that spending moderated significantly in 1997. However, Mexican air travelers still outspent any European market and most Asian markets. When compared to particular South American markets, however, Mexico gets edged out by Brazil, our number one spending market (per capita per day) at a whopping $172.
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Chart 5 - Average spending in the world regions (2 of 2)

Average spending in the world regions (2 of 2)

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