Tourism Industries International Travel and Forecast for the US -- Chart 4
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Let's put those billions of dollars of total spending into perspective and give you a better sense of what one visitor staying one more night in your destination can mean to your local economy. These figures are daily per person per trip expenditures in the U.S. and exclude airfare to/from the U.S.

Our "average" overseas visitor spent $101 per person per day on their U.S. trip in 1997. This was a 10% decline from 1996 and reflects the impact of the Asian financial crisis, as is clearly outlined in the third set of bars for Asia. Spending by visitors from that world region dropped 20% from $151 to $121 per person per day. Even Western Europe saw a decline, possibly a function of Germany's spending decline in 1997.
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Chart 4 - Average spending in the world regions (1 of 2)

Average spending in the world regions (1 of 2)

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