Tourism Industries International Travel and Forecast for the US -- Chart 20
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Chart 20 - Estimates and Projections of Top Overseas Travel Markets to the United States CONTINUED (Estimates in Thousands)
Rank Order in 19971997% Chg 97/961998e% Chg 98/971999p% Chg 99/982000p% Chg 00/992001p% Chg 01/00
16 Colombia31827.1%36013.3%3785.0%4057.2%4388.0%
17 Sweden2928.7%3023.1%3226.9%3446.7%3625.1%
18 Belgium2411.9%237-1.8%2422.0%2472.2%2542.6%
19 Ireland2175.9%2305.8%2456.4%2616.8%2776.0%
20 Austria188-1.3%186-0.8%1912.3%1994.1%2032.4%
21 Chile17913.6%178-0.4%1832.5%1893.4%1995.2%
22 India17321.1%20920.3%2184.6%2316.1%2466.3%
23 New Zealand1628.7%1673.7%1744.0%1824.6%1946.5%
24 Peru14511.7%1503.3%1542.6%1583.0%1686.0%
25 Denmark1455.3%143-0.9%1493.9%1553.8%1624.7%
26 Norway14013.1%1475.0%1597.8%1749.3%1919.9%
27 Philippines1327.7%114-13.9%1140.3%1183.3%1234.1%
28 Ecuador12626.2%14918.2%1596.5%1707.2%1827.1%
29 South Africa1049.5%1106.1%1176.2%1246.0%1294.5%
30 Thailand92-10.7%57-37.7%570.3%581.7%602.7%
31 Finland824.3%864.1%893.9%934.1%964.2%

p= projection e= estimate

Source: Tourism Industries, International Trade Administration. October 1998

Some variance in data may occur due to rounding.

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