Tourism Industries International Travel and Forecast for the US -- Chart 10
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Looking a little more closely at the overseas world regions, positive growth from Western Europe, South America, Central America and secondary regions such as the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa all helped to counter Asia's slump in arrivals. However, growth from these regions fell short of keeping overseas arrivals positive in the first half of 1998. Asia posted double-digit declines for the first and second quarters of 1998, ending the first half of 1998 down nearly 13 percent.

Most of South and Central America experienced strong growth in the second quarter and ended the first half of 1998 with positive gains in arrivals. A major contributor to the second quarter growth was Easter break which occurred in April in 1998 versus March in 1997. Central America's growth was the strongest noted for the first half of 1998.

The Caribbean flip-flopped with declines in the first quarter (down 7%) and positive growth in the second quarter (up 4%). The second quarter's strongest growth came in April, once again showing the importance of the Easter break.

Oceania was flat in the first quarter and most of the second quarter, but June was down by 8 percent, putting the second quarter and the year-to-date arrivals in the red (down 3% and 2% respectively).
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Chart 10 - 1/2 yr by Overseas world regions

1/2 yr by Overseas world regions

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