Tourism Industries Canadian Travel to the U.S. and Forecast - Chart #9
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Yes, we still see positive growth over the next four years, with each region contributing positively to the record level in 2002. One key distinction, however, will be that by 2002 our North American neighbors will account for just over 48 percent of total arrivals, losing market share position to our overseas visitors.

In Mexico, the economy is expected to grow by a modest 3% this year, but a more robust 4.6% next year, expanding to nearly 5% by the end of the forecast period. Strong ties with the US economy in particular and with the NAFTA agreement in general will continue to be the engine of growth for the Mexican economy. The strong link between the Mexican economy and the U.S. economy is particularly illustrated by the fact that about 85% of Mexico's exports go to the U.S. Growth in arrivals from Mexico are projected to average over 2% over the next three years to top the 10 million mark by 2002.

Chart #9 World Region Forecast (3)

World Region Forecast (3)

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