Tourism Industries Canadian Travel to the U.S. and Forecast - Chart #20
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Since the majority of travel from Canada to the U.S. is by auto, it is not surprising that the prevalent travel flow is north to south.

Ontario ranked number one in terms of arrivals with 9.1 million visits in 1998. Four states were the recipient of nearly half of all travel from Ontario: New York, Florida, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

In the case of BC, Washington's proximity obviously gave it the advantage for hosting nearly one-half of this visitor segment. California's sun, beaches, amusement parks, and urban environments may have continued to be the attractions that edged out BC travel to Oregon. Nevada is probably still within driving distance but the arrivals to the state were predominantly by air. These four western states accounted for three-quarters of all BC travel.

Quebec's top three destinations are all border states and make up nearly 50% of all Quebec's travel to the U.S. Again the long-haul "destination" state is Florida.

Chart #20 Top States by Province

Top States by Province

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