1998 Profile of U.S. Resident Travelers Visiting Overseas Destinations Reported From: Survey of International Air Travelers(IFS)
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Posted January 2000
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U.S. RESIDENT TRAVELER CHARACTERISTICS:All U.S. TravelersFor Leisure & VFRFor Business & Conv.
Total Number of Travelers**23,069,00017,833,0008,559,000
Leisure/Recreational Acitivities*:
Dining in Restaurants85%84%91%
Visit Historical Places54%60%42%
Visit Small Towns/Villages45%53%29%
Sightseeing in Cities45%50%36%
Touring the Countryside39%46%25%
Cultural Heritage Sights31%36%22%
Water Sports/Sunbathing21%25%11%
Art Gallery, Museum29%33%22%
Nightclub/ Dancing23%26%18%
Guided Tours17%21%10%
Ethnic Heritage Sites13%16%9%
Concert, Play, Musical16%18%12%
Amusement/Theme Parks10%11%6%
Visit National Parks9%11%6%
Cruises, 1 or More Nights6%7%2%
Camping, Hiking5%6%3%
Environmental/Ecological Sights4%5%3%
Attend Sporting Events4%4%3%
Snow Skiing2%2%1%
Average Total Trip Expenditures:
Per Travel Party$4,770$4,154$5,823
Per Visitor$3,185$2,592$4,545
Average Expenditures Outside the U.S.:
Per Travel Party$2,100$1,976$2,465
Per Visitor$1,402$1,233$1,924
Per Visitor Per Day$89$75$134
Trip Payment Method
Credit Cards53%47%69%
Travelers Checks10%12%6%
Debit Cards3%4%2%

* Multiple Response.

** NOTE: Percentages listed in this profile can be converted into estimated numbers by multiplying the percentage by 23,069,000 (total U.S. Residents visiting overseas destinations), 17,833,000 (Leisure % Visit Friends/Relatives) and 8,559,000 (Business & Convention).