1998 Profile of U.S. Resident Travelers Visiting Overseas Destinations Reported From: Survey of International Air Travelers(IFS)
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Posted January 2000
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U.S. RESIDENT TRAVELER CHARACTERISTICS:All U.S. TravelersFor Leisure & VFRFor Business & Conv.
Total Number of Travelers**23,069,00017,833,0008,559,000
Type of Accommodations*:
Hotel, Motel70%64%84%
Average Number of Nights8.58.78.4
Median Number of Nights6.07.06.0
Private Home40%48%26%
Average Number of Nights16.315.616.1
Median Number of Nights10.010.08.0
Mean Number of Nights15.512.719.9
Median Number of Nights7.07.07.0
Nights Outside the U.S.:
First International Trip:
First Time Visitors7%8%3%
Repeat Visitors93%93%97%
Number of International Trips in Past 12 Months:
Mean Number of Trips3.32.55.2
Median Number of Trips2.01.03.0
Number of International Trips in Past 5 Years:
Mean Number of Trips12.59.220.8
Median Number of Trips6.05.012.0
Number of Countries Visited*:
One Country76%76%71%
Two Countries15%15%18%
Three or More Countries9%10%11%
Average (Countries)
Median (Countries)
Number of Destinations Visited*:
One Destination55%52%52%
Two Destinations21%21%24%
Three or More Destinations24%27%24%
Average (No. of Destinations)
Median (No. of Destinations)

* Multiple Response.

** NOTE: Percentages listed in this profile can be converted into estimated numbers by multiplying the percentage by 23,069,000 (total U.S. Residents visiting overseas destinations), 17,833,000 (Leisure % Visit Friends/Relatives) and 8,559,000 (Business & Convention).