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Date: Thu, 25 July 2002
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New Research on the Mexican Outbound Market

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July 25, 2002

New Research on the Mexican Outbound Market

Mexico is the second largest international source market for visitors to the United States. In 2001, preliminary figures estimate that nearly 9.6 million Mexican travelers visited the U.S., pumping more than $5.8 billion in travel receipts to the U.S. economy. The Mexican market is also projected to outpace the international average growth rate through 2005, growing by 35 percent (compared to 2001).

Preliminary 2001 Arrivals Figures to the U.S.

Forecast of International Travel to the U.S.


To be successful in any market, one needs to understand the traveler. While OTTI has data on the air travelers, we do not have any travel characteristics or visitation estimates for the remaining Mexican visitors.

Here is an opportunity for the industry to work with OTTI to change this. The Menlo Consulting Group has expressed an interest in working with the industry to conduct one of their Lifestyle's research studies in Mexico:

New Research on the Mexican Outbound Market

TravelStyles Mexico

TravelStyles Mexico is designed to fill the significant gap in information on what is arguably the most dynamic travel market in Latin America. Mexico has a large upscale population made up of avid international travelers who continue to travel even in periods of economic slowdown.

TravelStyles Mexico will provide travel marketers with the market intelligence needed to profit from this important market-the travel patterns, preferences, motivations, decision-making criteria, and information sources of Mexican outbound travelers.

TravelStyles Mexico will be based on an in-person/in-home survey of at least 1,000 Mexican outbound travelers who are members of the middle and upper socio-economic classes.

TravelStyles Mexico is the newest addition to Menlo Consulting Group's program of research with international travelers, conducted regularly for more than 15 years. Other studies in the series include TravelStyles USA, TravelStyles Canada, TravelStyles UK, TravelStyles Brazil, and TravelStyles Argentina.

The deadline for participating in TravelStyles Mexico is approaching quickly. However, subscribers still have time to influence the questionnaire and to add proprietary questions.
Please contact Sarita Skidmore (skidmore@menloconsulting.com) or Duane Coughlan (dcoughlan@menloconsulting.com) for additional information. To view a copy of the prospectus, visit www.menloconsulting.com. Click on "TravelStyles", then "Mexico".

OTTI does not necessarily endorse this study, but it does provide an opportunity for the industry to work together to obtain data on a major market in which there is a lack of good research.

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