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Date:Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 12:09:07 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: TInews: Mexico Visitor Profile & Up-Coming Mexico Sales Mission 2000

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Virtual Trade Mission to China


Tourism Industries (TI) is pleased to announce the 2000 Virtual Trade Mission to China which will be held in conjunction with the China Computerworld Expo in Beijing on August 21-24, 2000. The event will focus on small- and medium-sized enterprise Information Technology (IT) exports to China. A Virtual Trade Mission is an innovative new program that allows you to use the Internet and video-conferencing to market your products and services abroad without having to travel.

The 2000 Virtual Trade Mission to China will provide cost effective exposure for smaller U.S. computer-related firms. China Computerworld Expo is China's largest IT show for business users and resellers, with an estimated 300,000 attendees. Companies will also maintain their presence on E-ExpoUSA for a full year after their initial participation. This event will address computer manufacturing, computers, peripherals, software, Internet, and online services. Attendees will include major institutional corporate and government users, and more.

If this fits the export goals and the nature of your company, TI and Trade Development encourage you to consider this unique, effective, and economical opportunity. The charge is only $750. The deadline for signing up is this week.

For further information and registration details, please go to the website: http://exportit.ita.doc.gov/ocbe/ExportPr.nsf/2a6c7a316c791a448525691b005c93f3/5063305527a562e68525691b005cd44c?OpenDocument


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