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Custom Reports/Tables/Files - Survey of International Air Travelers (SIAT)

We recommend that you work directly with NTTO's contractor, CIC Research, Inc., which will outline for you the benefits of a custom report that will meet your needs and specifications. Please direct inquiries to:

Ms. Lois Wauson, DP Manager, CIC Research, Inc., San Diego, CA

Telephone: 858-637-4000, Toll free: 1-888-637-6378


Custom reports are available in Excel and can be purchased for $8,875.00 (first banner), $7,985.00 (second banner) and $7,145.00 (for third and each successive banner). The format for custom reports is a 12-column, 38-table report.

Custom tables can be purchased at $2,365.00 with each subsequent table available for $1,430.00. Data file prices vary by the number of elements selected.

[NEW] Custom-Plus tables available for expanded information on information sources used (media), reservations, purpose of trip, etc. See here

Custom reports and tables can be developed for either population:  Travelers to the U.S. (non-resident inbound) or U.S. travelers to overseas (resident outbound).

An actual custom report is available for review, i.e., U.S. to Vietnam 2006

CIC’s main web site page is: Learn more about the custom reports by visiting the CIC Research web site at:

You are also welcome to contact the National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO) at: (202) 482-0140 and talk with Richard Champley or Ron Erdmann.

When using the Survey data please source: U.S. Department of Commerce, National Travel and Tourism Office.


Destination-marketing organizations (DMO, i.e. state tourism offices or convention and visitors’ bureaus), interested in knowing how visitors to their destination differ from “average” travelers to the U.S., can compare the results of their custom run to the national report. Are visitors demographically different (younger/older, do they spend more), what activities do they engage in, do they rent automobiles, etc.?

The DMO might consider structuring their custom report format to parallel, use the same column headings as, the national level report. For example, the following 12 columns (banners) could be run for a specific destination and at the national level: (1) all overseas to your state or city, (2) from the UK, (3) UK leisure/VFR, (4) from Japan, (5) Japan leisure/VFR, (6) Japan package travelers, (7) from Germany, (8) from France, (9) all hotel/motel travelers, (10) travelers renting a car, (11) travelers visiting historical places, and (12) travelers going to an amusement/theme park. A comparative analysis would enable a D.M.O. to analyze what is unique about its destination, or how this market could be approached differently since its travelers differ from the national average.

NTTO offers the 12-column banner national level data, in Excel, mirroring your destination banner, for $3,780.00 after purchase of a custom report for your destination.