U.S. International Air Travel Statistics (I-92 data) Program
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The U.S. International Air Travel Statistics reports may be ordered monthly, quarterly, annually, or via several other options. The reports provide gateway air traffic data on passenger travel between the U.S. and foreign countries. The data includes both arrivals and departures and are detailed by country and port of debarkation and embarkation. Additional detail is available for breakouts on U.S. carriers versus foreign flag carriers, and scheduled versus chartered flights. Also provided are estimates of the U.S. citizen air traffic versus non-Citizen air traffic by country and airport.

Data is processed monthly as Tourism Industries receives it from the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Monthly data is received approximately four months after the reported month. The annual 2001 data will not be processed and released until June/July 2002. Several months before this date, we will update this section and provide information on the prices and availability of the 2002 I-92 data. TI plans to continue to process the data from this data base. But, at this time, we are not taking orders for 2002 data. Please check back again.