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Annual 1997 Canadian Travel report

These reports provide written analysis, graphics and data tables on Canadian travel of one or more nights to the U.S. This excludes border-crossers of a single day's duration.

Canadian Visitation to U.S. Census Regions/States for One or More Nights - 1997

Report includes:

  • Overview of Canadian Tourism to the United States in 1997
  • Person Visits
  • Length of Stay and Arrivals by Person Nights
  • Expenditures
  • Arrivals by Province of Residence
  • Arrivals by Mode of Transportation
  • Arrivals by Type of Accommodation
  • Arrivals by Purpose of Trip
  • Arrivals by Season of Visit
  • Arrivals by Activities
  • Arrivals by Gender and Age
  • Arrivals to U.S. Border States