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TI produces market analysis on international travel statistics to and from the United States. The following summary tables highlight the nation as a whole or "National" analysis on visitors to the U.S. and U.S. travel abroad. (note: some of the following summary tables are also available within the state and country sections)

We also provide market analysis information that highlights the national level; and also country specific analysis on visitors to the U.S. and U.S. travelers abroad.

Current State, City & Territory Level Publications          Historical

Overseas Visitors To Select U.S. Cities/Hawaiian Islands - 2002-2001 (Posted May 2003)

Overseas Visitors To Select U.S. States And Territories - 2002-2001 (Posted May 2003)

1999 Profile of U.S. Resident Travelers Visiting Overseas Destinations - Outbound Reported From "Survey of International Air Travelers" (IFS) (Posted Oct. 2000)

Canadian Visitation to U.S. Census Regions/States for One or More Nights - 1999 (Posted Sept. 2000)

Overseas Visitors to Select U.S. Cities/Hawaiian Islands - 2000-1999 (Posted June 2001)

Overseas Visitors to Select U.S. States and Territories - 2000-1999 (Posted June 2001)

1999 Profile Of Overseas Travelers To The U.S. - Inbound Reported From "Survey Of International Air Travelers" (IFS) (Posted May 2000)

Economic Impact on State Economies 97/96r (Posted Feb. 2000)

Canadian Travel to the U.S. and Forecast Presentation - 1998 (Posted Aug. 1999)