Basic Market Analysis Program
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TI produces market analysis on international travel statistics to and from the United States. The following summary tables highlight country specific analysis on visitors to the U.S. and U.S. travel abroad. (note: some of the following summary tables are also available within the state and country sections)

We also provide market analysis information that highlights the state, city and territory level; and also national specific analysis on visitors to the U.S. and U.S. travelers abroad.

Current Publications          Historical
International Arrivals To U.S. By Country Of Residency Historical Visitation INBOUND - 1994-2000 (Posted April 2001)

Arrivals to the U.S. 2000 and 1999 (All Countries by Residency) (Posted April 2001)

Top 55 Overseas Markets for International Visitor Arrivals to the United States 2000 and 1999 (Posted April 2001)

Top 50 Markets for International Visitor Arrivals to the United States 2000 and 1999 (Posted April 2001)

1999 Profile of U.S. Resident Travelers Visiting Overseas Destinations - Outbound Reported From "Survey of International Air Travelers" (IFS) (Posted Oct. 2000)

Select Destinations Visited by U.S. Resident Travelers 1999 - 1998 (Posted Oct. 2000)

U.S. Resident Travel To Canada, Mexico and Overseas Countries Historical Visitation Outbound - 1989 - 1999(Posted Oct. 2000)

Canadian Visitation to U.S. Census Regions/States for One or More Nights - 1999 (Posted Sept. 2000)

Forecast of International Travel (Posted November 2002)

U.S. International Travel And Tourism Balance of Trade (Receipts/Exports And Payments/Imports) 1990 - 1999pr (Posted May 2000)

U.S. International Balance Of Trade For Select U.S. Markets (January - December 1999 PRELIMINARY) (Posted May 2000)

1999(pr) Trade Balance (Posted May 2000)

1999(pr) Top Exports (Posted May 2000)

Regional Profile: Africa (Posted May 2000)

Regional Profile: Asia (Posted May 2000)

Regional Profile: Caribbean (Posted May 2000)

Regional Profile: Central America (Posted May 2000)

Regional Profile: Eastern Europe (Posted March 2001)

Regional Profile: Middle East (Posted May 2000)

Regional Profile: Oceania (Posted May 2000)

Regional Profile: South America (Posted May 2000)

Regional Profile: Western Europe (Posted March 2001)

Market Profile: Argentina (Posted March 2001)

Market Profile: Australia (Posted March 2001)

Market Profile: Belgium (Posted June 2000)

Market Profile: Brazil (Posted March 2001)

Market Profile: France (Posted May 2000)

Market Profile: Germany (Posted March 2001)

Market Profile: Italy (Posted March 2001)

Market Profile: Japan (Posted March 2001)

Market Profile: Mexico (Posted June 2000)

Market Profile: Netherlands (Posted March 2001)

Market Profile: South Korea (Posted March 2001)

Market Profile: Sweden (Posted March 2001)

Market Profile: Switzerland (Posted March 2001)

Market Profile: Taiwan (Posted March 2001)

Market Profile: United Kingdom (Posted March 2001)

Market Profile: Venezuela (Posted March 2001)

Canadian Travel to the U.S. and Forecast Presentation - 1998 (Posted Aug. 1999)

International Visitors (Inbound) and U.S. Residents (Outbound) (1989 - 1998) (Posted May 1999)

Shopping and Cultural/Heritage Tourism (Posted Feb. 1999)

Departures and Payments for U.S. Travelers Abroad (Outbound) 1997 (Posted Dec. 1998)

Arrivals and Receipts for International Travel to the United States - 1997

International Visitors (Inbound) and U.S. Residents (Outbound) (1988 - 1997) (Posted Nov. 1998)

La Cumbre Presentation (Posted Sep. 1998)

International Arrivals by Country to the United States - INBOUND (1996 - 1995)

1998 Market Profiles Collection (Posted May 1999)

Market Profile: Canada (Posted January 2001)