Pleasure Travel Market Study to North America (PTMS) Program

Program Description

  What are they?
This innovative tourism research program was developed under Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Tourism Canada in 1986 for 5 years of cooperative research and renewed in 1991 for an additional 5 years. The MOU was revised in 1994 to include Ministry of Tourism for Mexico as an equal partner. The program currently unfunded and no studies are underway.

Each country studied may have 1-3 components and resultant reports: a consumer study of 1200 residents of that country who are defined as potential long-haul pleasure travelers; a travel trade (tour operators and wholesalers, travel agents, airlines) stud y which assesses the potential for travel to the U.S. on behalf of their clients; and a tour products analysis summarizing what is currently available on the shelf and comparing it to the stated desires of the potential traveler.

  What information is presented?
Reports address different audiences, from destinations to marketers, to most effectively convert potential interested travelers into actual travelers and include:

  • Size of the potential pleasure travel market from a given country
  • Past trip characteristics
  • Likely vacation destinations
  • Segmentation by activities and motivations for travel for the country market.
  • Perceptions, strengths, weaknesses of the U.S., according to consumer or trade
  • Media habits of potential travelers for effective marketing
  • Demographics
  How is the information collected?

Consumer studies comprised of in-home interviews with 1,200 respondents: Have or will make a long-haul pleasure trip in past 3 or next 2 yrs; Are 18 years or older; Pleasure is the primary purpose of international trip; Trip duration of 4 or more night s; Traveled by airplane outside prescribed geographic region.

Conducted in key, target or secondary tourism generating country. More than 16 countries have been studied. The most recent studies use a common questionnaire and methodology and include:

  • Argentina (trade only)
  • Australia (consumer and trade)
  • Brazil (trade only)
  • Germany (consumer and trade)
  • Japan (consumer and trade)
  • Netherlands (consumer only)
  • South Korea (trade only)
  • Spain (trade only)
  • Taiwan (consumer and trade)
  • United Kingdom (consumer and trade)
  How this information is Published

Publications are available in varied formats:

  • Full detailed country report on consumers.
  • Full detailed country report on travel trade.
  • Reports which highlight findings specific to the U.S.for country/countries studied each year.
  • Computer Tables
  • Presentations