Impact of International Visitor Spending on State Economies (Economic Impact) Program

Program Description

  What is it?
Report on the distribution and economic impact of the spending by international visitors to the U.S.
  What information is presented?
Expenditures by international visitors to the U.S. are categorized by:

  • State
  • Census Region
  • Tourism Region
  • Purpose of Trip
  • Visitor Country of Residence
  • Individual Expenditure Category
    1. Public Transportation
    2. Auto Rental
    3. Lodging
    4. Food
    5. Entertainment
    6. Miscellaneous/Incidentals

Economic impact data associated with international visitor spending in the U.S. and individual states categorized by:

  • Employment (jobs)
  • Payroll income
  • Tax revenues (federal, state, local and total)
  How is the information collected?

Data are provided by Tourism Industries from the following data bases:

  How this information is Published

Printed reports or copies of reports are available for the following years: 1990, 1991-1992, 1993-1994, 1995, 1996, 1997.