Supplemental Airport Boarding Area Survey Procedures
  International Airport Survey Team Task List

Purpose: The U.S. Department of Commerce, National Travel & Tourism Office(NTTO) conducts the monthly Survey of International Air Travelers that collects data on passengers departing from U.S. international gateway airports. The survey instrument is a self-administered questionnaire which can be used by either of the two target populations: 1) non-resident visitors to the U.S. from overseas or 2) U.S. travelers going abroad. The purpose of the survey is to obtain key information on international travelers to and from the country for use by the federal government and the travel industry. The goal is to obtain completed surveys from passengers at each airport during the calendar year so that each port’s sample is representative of the travel population.

  Scope of Work:
  • During the first week of each month, CIC Research, (NTTO’s contractor) will send the sample for the subsequent month to . The survey team has the flexibility to select from the list of flights to maximize efficient collections, but needs to follow the targets set for each city pair each month. See Atlanta from March 2008 as an example of carriers and city pairs to survey.

  • The sample will include, Carrier name, International Destination, Flight #, OAG scheduled departure time, and Days of operation.

  • The sample will consist of <# of > flights per month.

  • The goal each month will be to collect 15-18 completed surveys per flight.

  • Data collection may occur any week of the month except the third full week.

  • The survey is self administered. Questionnaires are provided to both U.S. citizens and non-citizen international air passengers.

  • The field service staff should not write on the surveys.

  • Avoid obvious military and travelers under the age of 18 as they are not eligible to complete the survey.

  • One survey per family.

  • Field service staff will need to arrive approximately two hours prior to departure time to begin distributing surveys. The survey team will clear security and go to a specific departure gate for a specific airline.

  • At first boarding call the survey team should stop distribution, collect all survey materials and leave the area, as to not disrupt the airline boarding process.

  • Tally sheets will be filled out by the field service as each flight is being surveyed

  • Any used surveys, completed or not, should be returned to CIC Research (CIC), using the shipping labels and shipping bags provided by CIC.

  • Once all surveys are completed for that month the field service will ship the surveys and tally sheets back to CIC via UPS or FedEx Service. Prepaid, pre-addressed shipping labels and shipping bags are provided. After all flights are completed for the month, the surveys need to be shipped within two days back to CIC for processing.

  • Along with the sample, CIC will send all material required for data collection. This includes surveys in the various languages available, pencils, return mailing labels, mailing bags for surveys to be returned and tally sheets.

  • will need to monitor its supplies and request new supplies when needed. To avoid unnecessary shipping costs, it is suggested that should request supplies so that CIC has 5 full business days to ship the items.