Canadian Travel to the U.S. (Canadian statistics) Program
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Program Description

  What is it?

Canada provides one-third of all international visits of one or more nights to the U.S. on an annual basis. Our number one tourism generating market has seen a steady decline in market share to the U.S. from 1991 when more than 19 million Canadians traveled to the U.S. Keeping an eye on the changes in this key market is essential not only to the 14 U.S./Canada border states but to sun-belt destinations and to the nation as a whole.

Monthly data are reported by mode of transportation only and provide estimates for inbound (Canadians to the U.S.) and outbound travel (U.S. residents to Canada). The inbound statistics are incorporated in Tourism Industries' International Arrivals to the U.S. Program

  What information is presented?

The annual report is filled with useful tables, graphs and written analyses of this crucial market from a number of marketable aspects including province of origin, activities and key demographics.

Monthly data are reported by mode of transportation only in tabular form.

  How is the information collected?
Monthly and annual data are purchased from Statistics Canada's "International Travel Survey"
  How this information is Published
Annual printed reports are issued, free of charge, in late summer. Monthly data by mode of transportation are reported in tabular form and found on this site in Basic Market Analysis.