Basic Market Analysis Program (Free Analysis)

Program Description

  What is it?
The goal of this program is to provide the public with the most up-to-date basic U.S. travel and tourism analysis in both an electronic and printed format. The program reports both Inbound and Outbound travel . The Basic Market Analysis Program constitut es all of the free analysis developed by Tourism Industries. All of the summary tables and reports in this program are derived from a compilation of Tourism Industries research programs. This programs prod ucts provide a comprehensive first glance at the official statistics on travel and tourism to and from the U.S. The program breaks out all summary tables and reports into three broad categories: National - highlighting the U.S.; State - focuses on U.S. state and territories; and Country - covers country specific travel and tourism statis tics. The summary tables and reports are the most popular products TI develops.
  What information is presented?

Up-to-date and historical National, State and Country specific international travel and tourism statistics, both to and from the U.S. (Inbound and outbound tourism research).

TI produces over 20 summary tables highlighting international travel and tourism to and from the U.S. Each summary table provides information related to the nation as a whole, on total visitation, expenditures by travelers and traveler characteristics to and from the U.S.

TI also produces state level analysis highlighting top states, cities and territories visited by overseas visitors. State profiles present visitation and revenue estimates, plus characteristic information.

Extensive information on the number of visitors by country are available, and for some 20+ markets their are in-depth country specific analysis. Analysis includes visitation counts to the U.S., expenditure estimates and characteristic information. U.S. travel visitation counts outside the U.S. are also available including expenditure estimates.

Following is an overview of the vast information available on-line and in printed reports:

Expenditure/Revenue Information:
  • Tax revenues, (total, federal, state, local and regional)
  • Imports (expenditure by U.S. travelers abroad)
  • Exports (expenditures in the U.S. by international visitors) and the
  • Travel and tourism balance of trade and GDP contribution

Visitation Counts:

  • Total Inbound (travel to the U.S.) and Outbound (U.S. travel outside the U.S.)
  • Total by world region and country
  • State, city and regional visitation estimates
  • Monthly and quarterly visitation counts

Inbound and Outbound visitor characteristics:

  • Residency of the traveler
  • Destination(s) visited
  • Purpose of trip
  • Type of lodging
  • Nights in U.S./Outside U.S.
  • Mode of transportation
  • Age and sex of traveler
  • Trip activities
  • Information sources
  • Use of packages
  • and more...
  How is the information collected?
All of the information reported in the Basic Market Analysis program is derived from TI research programs, which are listed in the Market Analysis section of this web site. Some tables combine information from various r eports and others are simple summaries of larger reports and data bases. For further information on methodologies and collection processes please visit each of the research programs separately.
  How this information is Published

TI publishes as much of the Basic (free) Market Analysis as possible in both a printed report or summary table and on-line in this web site. Some reports are only partially viewable on-line, but all reports and summary tables can be orderd on-line and mailed.