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Travel Barometer Program
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The Barometer is a qualitative survey designed to collect input from active travel trade working in-country to sell and promote travel to the United States. The quarterly Barometer survey provides a short-term forecast on travel demand and market conditions in each of the participating countries.

The Barometer surveys are conducted quarterly via the on-line Barometer system and report travel demand 3-6 months out. Results are developed and reported quickly. Subscribers access results using a password-protected system. Three subscription options provide suppliers, DMO's and marketers with input from key in-country partners in a consistent and qualitative survey.

  • Quarterly survey since January 2000 in the UK and Brazil. German Travel Barometer began December 2002.
  • Japan and Mexico began February 2004.
  • Formats available: Reports are available 24/7 on-line in an html format located in a password protected site. Data download is also available upon request.
  • Prices range from $800 to $4,999 USD.
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