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OTTI In-Flight Survey Request for Information (April 2005)

Commerce Department Forecasts Record Arrivals and Spending by 2006 for Travel to the United States - posted May 5, 2005

January-February 2005 continues to show growth in International Visitation - posted May 18, 2005

Forecast Tables - posted May 2005

World Regions Forecast of International Travel to the United States (Estimates in Thousands)

Forecast of Select Overseas Travel Markets to the United States (Estimates in Thousands)

Arrivals and Departures for 1998-2004 & Forecast to 2008

Total International Travel Exports (Receipts) and Imports (Payment) for 1998-2004, with a forecast to 2008

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Data Management Improvement Act (DMIA) Task Force

The Data Management Improvement Act (DMIA) Task Force was established under the auspices of the DMIA Act of 2000. The primary purpose of the task force is to make recommendations and advise on ways to improve the flow of commercial and non-commercial traffic at all Ports-of-Entry while enhancing security. The 17-member Attorney General Task Force represents the interests of federal, state and local agencies and various industry concerns, and has begun its work with a focus on recommendations for an automated, integrated entry/exit system. The events of September 11, 2001 have drawn new attention, commitment and urgency toward developing this system. The Office of Travel and Tourism Industries is the federal government resource to represent the travel and tourism industry.

Please visit the DMIA web site page for more information on this task force, by going to: http://uscis.gov/graphics/shared/lawenfor/bmgmt/inspect/dmia.htm