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Office of Travel & Tourism Industries' Information on Inbound Travel to the U.S.

The Inbound Overview page has the United States top line results. Included are summary tables on arrivals and spending, visitation estimates for overseas travelers to the states and cities, and more.

The world region and country links below make it easier to find specific markets of interest. Click on any of the world region or country links and all of the data available for inbound travel from this market will be listed in a series of links on each page.

State & City Visitation Estimates for each world region or country may be found in the regional or market profile for the region or country.

  • Inbound Data Tables Latest data and publications highlighting international arrivals, spending, trends, analyses and forecasts.

2006 Market Profiles

      • World Regions
  • Country
2005 Market Profiles
      • World Regions
  • Country
  • List of Census Regions for Profiles - Estimates are provided for modified census regions in each profile. To see which states are included in each census region, click the above link.
Historical Tables on Inbound Travelers to the U.S.

If you did not find data from past years on the pages you have viewed so far, there are additional tables on the past inbound data. Click on the above page, it will take you to the Basic Statistics section. Once on this page, you will see three links on the page. All three will have tables with information on inbound travelers to the U.S. The three links will take you to either National, State & City, or Country related tables. Click on the link that is closest to what you are looking for and then scroll down the long list of tables.

If you do not find what you are looking for, go back to the top of the page. You will see a yellow bar with the term Current Publications in black print, and next to it, a link entitled Historical. Click on this link, and then scroll down the page to find the information you need. If you do not find what you need, or there is a link to a document that does not show the data, table or document, it means we only have this item in hard copy paper format and you will need to request it by sending an e-mailing with your request to:


The Office of Travel & Tourism Industries also tracks U.S. travel abroad. The above link will take you to tables and analyses on the U.S. outbound market.