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2015 U.S. Travel and Tourism Statistics (Inbound):

2014 U.S. Travel and Tourism Statistics (Inbound): 2014 U.S. Travel and Tourism Statistics (Inbound): NTTO is working to revise selected 2014 I-94 arrivals totals (addition of stateless records) and adding the 2014 travel export data recently released by BEA. TBD is what extent these revisions will impact the 2014 SIAT data. Please watch for updated reports and TINews releases.

Key Market Intelligence for U.S. International Inbound Travel

  • To view a collection of articles by the U.S. Department of Commerce for the Courier, the official monthly magazine of NTA, go to:

    • Countries included are: The U.K., Russia, Germany & France, Japan, South Korea, Australia, China, Canada and Mexico.

  • Since the June 2013 release of the above report, NTA has issued additional articles in Courier with Commerce. To see the most recent and upcoming Courier Magazine Articles, go to:

    • Taiwan was featured in July and August 2013. Part I of the BRICs versus the Top Four Overseas Markets was featured in September and the December 2013 edition. In the October 2013 Courier you will see an article that talks about the shifts in travel patterns for 2012 following NTTO's release of the 2012 Survey of International Air Travelers data in September 2013. Monthly article were published monthly in 2014 from webinars hosted by Commerce. Plans are in place to continue the webinar series into 2015 and beyond.

  • For more information on the upcoming or the most recent webinars in which Commerce also offers an opportunity to obtained the past webinar slides and actual recording of the past webinars, go to:

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Revised & Restructured Travel Spending Estimates 1999-2013, and future releases:

In June and October 2014, BEA issued the restructured and revised trade data including new estimates of travel and tourism for all world regions and countries from 1999-2013. DO NOT USE ANY OF THE SPENDING ESTIMATES ON THIS WEBSITE FOR 1999-2013 UNLESS YOU OBTAIN FROM THE FOLLOWING PAGE

The NTTO has updated the 2013 inbound page reports so they have the correct figures. All other documents with spending data have been revised, but not updated.

For more information on the restructured and revised spending data use the above link. If you have questions or need a clarification on the spending data revisions, please send them to:

Market Research

2013 U.S. Travel and Tourism Statistics (Inbound):

2012 U.S. Travel and Tourism Statistics (Inbound):

2011 U.S. Travel and Tourism Statistics (Inbound):

Historical U.S. Travel and Tourism Statistics and Analyses (arrivals, spending, states & city visitation)

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