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Currently, the shopping cart NTTO had been using for some time is disabled. At this time, you will need to order reports using the form found in the checkout link above. You will also find this form available on every page in which a table, analysis, report, etc, may be ordered. Please complete the form and follow the instructions to place your order.

If you have any questions about our reports before ordering, please call (202) 482-0140.

What Can Be Ordered?
If you go to the Catalog page at /catalog/index.html, you will find the four main types of report we sell and links to the most current reports and links to learn more about these programs.

You will also find items to order on our inbound pages and outbound pages. Also within the Research Programs area, each program has reports, etc. that may be ordered.


NTTO strives to release the most comprehensive, comparable data on international travel to and from the United States. Money from the sales of these reports, tables, analyses, etc. all goes back into our programs to provide you with the best data possible.

The staff at NTTO want to thank you for your support of the research we conduct and hope you will use the resources we make available to assist the industry to understand the international travel market.