Tourism Industries Publication: Inbound Profile 2005

Each year, the Office of Travel & Tourism Industries posts a summary profile of the Overseas Inbound Traveler to the U.S. The data for the profile is from Data are derived from the Survey of International Air Travelers (In-Flight Survey) Program and the Visitor Arrivals Program (I-94 Form). The Inbound Profile provides information on over thirty characteristics of the overseas traveler each year for all travelers, leisure & visit friends & relative (VFR) visitors, as well as the business/convention traveler. The information is an excellent source for an overview of the "average" Overseas traveler to the U.S.

Posted: May 2006

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2005 Profile Of Overseas Travelers To The U.S. - Inbound
Reported From "Survey Of International Air Travelers (IFS)"
Item #: f-2005-07-001
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Historical Profiles of Overseas Travelers to the U.S.

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