Office of Travel and Tourism Industries Publication: 2002 U.S. International Air Travel Statistics Report - Annual Subscription with Excel

This report provides gateway air traffic data on passenger travel between the U.S. and foreign countries. The data includes both arrivals and departures and are detailed by country and port of debarkation and embarkation, U.S. citizens and non-citizens, U.S. flag and foreign flag carriers, and schedules and chartered flights. Included: the annual calendar year summary report.

NEW in 2002: Tourism Industries will be converting the monthly, quarterly and annual 2002 U.S. International Air Travel Statistics Reports to a format so they can be read as an Excel file. This file will be sold to clients along with the printed report to hopefully make the I-92 data more useful to you. All of the text found in the monthly, quarterly, and annual reports as well as each table will be provided to you as a set of Excel or Word files.

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2002 U.S. International Air Travel Statistics Report - Annual Subscription (with Excel)
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