Tourism Industries Publication: In-Flight Survey - Outbound National Report 2000 with Excel

An annual report that provides detailed information on U.S. residents traveling overseas. Includes top 11 states and 12 cities of residence, 11 world regions and two countries, along with 12 additional subsets by 32 traveler characteristics which provide profiles of the U.S. resident outbound traveler. This report also provides the only comparable source of information for the countries visited by U.S. residents traveling overseas.

NEW in 2000: Tourism Industries now may provide you with an Excel file for this report. This file will be sold to clients along with the printed report to hopefully make the In-Flight Survey reports/data more useful to you. All of the text found in each report along with all of the tables will be provided to you as a set of Excel or Word files. To order this option, please click on the appropriate option. If you have any questions on this new offering, please contact Tourism Industries at: (202) 482-0140.

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In-Flight Survey - Outbound National Report 2000 (With Excel)
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