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$4 Million ad campaign is centerpiece of groundbreaking program

The U.S. Department of Commerce unveiled its long-awaited advertising campaign today, the first integrated marketing campaign designed to promote the United States as a travel destination. The advertising campaign, which focuses on the United States through American film and television, will come to life in national TV advertising and London area posters as part of a $4 million media buy in the UK market.

The integrated campaign includes public relations, promotions and co-operative marketing components, and features one America’s biggest exports – the entertainment industry. It invites British travelers to see and experience the real America they know and love from some of their favorite films, and aims to woo travelers to experience the great diversity of travel destinations within the United States.

The advertising theme is “You’ve Seen the Films, Now Visit the Set™.” It features recognizable and iconic film landscapes from destinations that appear in the titles of American films, including “Chicago”, “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Viva Las Vegas”.

Douglas Baker, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the U.S. Department of Commerce, said the campaign is designed to make potential travelers in the UK recognize the United States as the most desirable and exciting long-haul travel destination on earth.

“This exciting campaign concept has taken its inspiration from one of America’s biggest exports – the entertainment industry,” said Baker. “We hope this will encourage British travelers to see and experience the real America they know and love from some of their favorite films, TV programs, books, music and photographs.”

Baker said Commerce Department research shows UK travelers rank the United States highest in terms of destination desirability. “There is so much diversity in our country that we can offer a completely different experience visit after visit,” said Baker.

The TV advertising campaign launches nationwide on Sunday 19th December 2004, just ahead of the traditional peak holiday buying period for British consumers, and will comprise 50-second and 30-second spots.

Three 48-sheet outdoor posters will appear on 3rd January 2005. Each features an iconic shot from a hit U.S. movie, including the famous clip of Thelma & Louise driving through magnificent Monument Valley, Spiderman dashing across the rooftops of New York City, and the alluring Hawaii surf shot from Blue Crush.

More than 70 travel and tourism industry organizations will participate in this marketing campaign, extending the value of the U.S. tourism promotion campaign by more than $2 million. Nearly 70 other partners are participating in website and print components of the campaign.

The integrated marketing campaign has been developed for the U.S. Department of Commerce by the Visit America Alliance, a consortium of agencies in the U.S. and UK that specialize in tourism marketing. The Alliance is led by Edelman/Jackie Cooper Public Relations, and the advertising has been created by M & C Saatchi. The cooperative program was led by BVK and

For further details, please contact:
Claire Freeman
Direct Line: 020 7208 7280

Notes to Editors:

- The film title sequence of the TV advertising executions includes:

  1. Maid in Manhattan (50” & 30”)
  2. Chicago (50” & 30”)
  3. Miami Blues (50” & 30”)
  4. Oklahoma (50”)
  5. L.A. Story (50” & 30”)
  6. Beverly Hills Cop II (50”)
  7. The Alamo (50”)
  8. Alaska (50”)
  9. Sweet Home Alabama (50” & 30”)
  10. Grand Canyon (50”)
  11. Viva Las Vegas (50” & 30”)