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United States Flag Status of Travel and Tourism Promotion Campaign
Status of Travel and Tourism Promotion Campaign
Request for Quotation
(as of 12/19/03)

In April 2003, Congress appropriated $50M to fund a promotional campaign to increase international travel to the United States. [Public Law 108-7, Section 210.]

The appropriations statute also created the U.S. Travel & Tourism Promotion Advisory Board, comprised of 15 leaders in the travel and tourism industry appointed by the Secretary of the Department of Commerce. The members of the Advisory Board can be found

In accordance with the recommendation of the Advisory Board, the Government has allocated approximately $37 million of that available funding for an integrated advertising, marketing and public relations campaign to increase international tourism to the U.S. (Market activity for this campaign is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2004.)

Following significant market research, carried out by the government, it was determined that the most effective and expeditious approach to soliciting an advertising, marketing and public relations contractor was to acquire the services through the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) of the General Services Administration (GSA) contract under Special Item Number (SIN) 738 8, Full Marketing, Media and Public Information Services.

The Base Year of this campaign will take place in the five (5) international markets that generate the most tourism to the U.S. – Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Performance during the option year(s) may include promotion efforts in different target countries.

In November, the Congressional Record reported a proposed rescission of funds in an amount of $40M (of the $50M total) in the Omnibus Appropriations Bill. On December 9, 2003, the House of Representatives voted approval of the Omnibus Appropriations Bill, including the rescission. The Senate is scheduled to take up the Bill on or about January 20, 2004. Therefore, the RFQ is being issued subject to the availability of funds.

The statement of objectives envisions maximum flexibility for the Government to include anywhere from one to five markets, as well as the option for additional markets.

The Government seeks to increase international travel and tourism to the U.S. from international markets. The Contractor shall develop and implement a multi-national integrated advertising, marketing and public relations campaign with the objectives of increasing:

  • Visitation to the U.S.,
  • Economic benefits from visitation,
  • Interest and future intent to visit the U.S., and
  • Perception of the U.S. as a travel destination.

In addition, the Contractor shall develop and implement performance measures of the campaign.

It is anticipated that the award date for this Request for Quotation will be no later than February 20, 2004.

All questions regarding this Request for Quotation should be directed to