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United States Flag Advisory Board Meeting

United States Travel and Tourism Promotion Advisory Board

September 8, 2003

  1. Welcome and Introduction of Secretary Evans
    The Honorable Linda M. Conlin
    Assistant Secretary for Trade Development
  2. Overview of Travel and Tourism
    The Honorable Donald L. Evans
    Secretary of Commerce
  3. Brief Statements from Chair and Vice Chair of Advisory Board
    Mr. James A. Rasulo, Chair
    President, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

    Ms. Noel Irwin Hentschel, Vice Chair
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, AmericanTours International

  4. Insights from a Territory's Perspective
    The Honorable Felix Camacho
    Governor of Guam
  5. Comments/Questions from Public
    The Honorable Linda M. Conlin to lead

  6. Break

  7. Return from Break
    The Honorable Linda M. Conlin

  8. Next Steps
    Mr. James A. Rasulo, Chairman of the Board
    • Discussion topics for next Board meeting
    • Schedule and location of future Board meetings
    • Discussion of working groups
  9. Board Discussion
    Mr. James A. Rasulo to lead

  10. Press Availability
    The Honorable Linda M. Conlin and Board Members