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Date:Thu, 11 Dec 1999 14:13:25 -0500 (EST)
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Subject: TInews: Changes in Tourism Industries Office

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Changes in Tourism Industries Office

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The new 1999 year brings changes to our Tourism Industries office. Our Senior Analyst, Colleen Flannery, is leaving after ten productive years of service to the government and our industry. She has accepted a promotional position in the Census Bureau overseeing the marketing of the American Community Survey, an annual, sample-based alternative to the decennial (10 year) census conducted throughout the country. Her skills will be well appreciated I know and it offers her a new challenge for her career growth.

Colleen has been a tremendous asset as a member of the Tourism Development team in Tourism Industries and previously as an analyst in the Research Department at USTTA. She has been responsible over the years for the production and analysis of the North American data on traveler flows and the impact to the economy. As a matter of fact, Colleen performed as our in-house quasi-economist as she disseminated the receipts and payments every quarter in conjunction with the Bureau of Economic Analysis, oversaw the Economic Impact of International Visitor Spending on State Economies and worked with our contractor, WEFA, to produce our international travel forecasts twice a year. Colleen was also the producer of the Pleasure Travel Market Studies, a joint project with Canada and Mexico, which evaluated the potential market and needs of specific country travelers (18 in the series). Now that's a lot of hefty lifting to keep our industry in the loop on what's going on in the current and future world of international travel!

Many of you have also benefitted from Colleen's presentations to the industry. We will miss her insights and her humor, that's for sure. This TINEWS is to let you all know of our changes here, of Colleen's good fortune and a thanks for her contributions. She will be missed!

At this time, we do not have a forwarding number or e-mail address for Colleen, so check in with us in a couple of weeks and we'll be happy to share that with you.


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