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Date:Wed, 12 Aug 1998 17:24:13 -0400(EST)
From: TInews Announcement
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Subject: TInews: 1997 Annual Data on U.S. Resident Travel to Overseas Destinations Now Available

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1997 Annual Data on U.S. Resident Travel to Overseas Destinations Now Available

Contact: Tourism Industries office
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Web: http://tinet.ita.doc.gov
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The U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration (ITA) has released the 1997 In-Flight Survey data on U.S. Resident Travel to Overseas Destinations. Data for custom reports are also available.

Highlights from the 1997 survey data of U.S. Outbound travelers include:

In 1997, there were 21.6 million U.S. resident travelers going to overseas destinations, averaging 3.2 trips in the past twelve months.

By market share, the top overseas countries visited in 1997 were: 1. United Kingdom (16.5%); 2. France (9.7%); 3. Germany (8.3%); 4. Italy (6.8%); 5. Jamaica (6.2%).

The top cities of origin (or the residence of the traveler) for U.S. residents traveling overseas in 1997 were: 1. New York City (9.5%); 2. Washington, DC (5.2%); 3. Los Angeles (4.7%); 4. Miami (3.1%); 5. Chicago (2.7%); 6. San Francisco (2.6%); and 7. Boston (2.5%).

The top ports-of-re-entry for U.S. outbound travel to overseas destinations in 1997 were: 1. New York City (19.4%); 2. Miami (11.1%); 3. Los Angeles (9.1%); 4. San Francisco (7.5%); 5. Chicago (6.3%); and 6. Washington, DC (5.4%).

Overseas travel excludes Canada and Mexico. If you review the differences between the cities of residence and airports used by U.S. residents, you will see the drawing power of the international hubs in the United States.

In 1997, the top activities for U.S. travelers to overseas countries were: 1. Dining in Restaurants (84.7%); 2. Shopping (75.8%); 3. Visiting Historical Places (52.8%); 4. Sightseeing in Cities (44.2%); 5. Visiting Small Towns/Villages (43.6%).

In 1997, the main factors for airline choice were for all overseas travelers were: 1. Airfare (22.3%); 2. Convenient Schedule (19.6%); 3. Mile Bonus/Frequent Flier Program (17.3%); 4. Non-Stop Flight (12.1%); 5. Previous Good Experience (7.7%). Obviously, business/convention travelers responses would vary from the vacation/visit friends and relatives replies.

From the In-Flight Survey report, you can develop profiles of the U.S. outbound market by the top states and cities, by the world region they visited or by selected traveler characteristics. There are a total of 48 different banner headings (including the purpose of trip) available with 32 tables containing the responses of U.S. travelers.

The 1997 In-Flight Survey data release is based upon the largest ever collection of surveys of U.S. residents to overseas destinations in the history of this program. TI surveyed over 40,100 travelers in 1997.

The 1997 *In-Flight Survey Report on U.S. Travelers to Overseas Destinations* may be ordered for $650, via our web site. TI also recommends that clients ordering custom reports consider purchasing this report as well. Using the report on U.S. travelers to overseas countries with your custom report will help you determine what makes your destination unique.

TI would also like to request that our office is cited as the source when you issue your own reports or press releases based upon TI data. We would appreciate it if you would state us as the source in the following manner: U.S. Department of Commerce, Tourism Industries. If you are providing the release and it is based on data from a custom run, for example, we ask that you cite the source as both your office and our office. This ensures that Tourism Industries is given due credit for the investment of funds in this singular federal program for international travel data.

For more information on Tourism Industries* In-Flight Survey, please visit our web site at: http://tinet.ita.doc.gov

Once you are in the site, go to the *Market Analysis* icon. Click on that icon and when the next page is shown scroll down the Travel and Tourism Market Analysis page until you see the *Survey of International Air Travelers (In-Flight Survey) Program.* To order the report, click on the Publication icon.


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