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Date:Tue, 7 Apr 1998 12:06:19 -0400 (EST)
From: TInews Announcement
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Subject: TInews: 1996 Annual In-Flight Survey Reports Available

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1996 Annual In-Flight Survey Reports Available

Contact: Tourism Industries office
E-mail: otti@trade.gov
Web: http://tinet.ita.doc.gov
Phone: (202) 482-0140, Fax: (202) 482-2887

The 1996 annual 'In-Flight Survey' data and reports on 'Overseas Travelers to the United States' are available. From the data base, a custom run can be developed through our contractor or you may obtain the data to develop your own reports. The 1996 report is available for $650.00 and customized reports range from $750 - 5,000. To get further details visit our web site: http://tinet.ita.doc.gov/

TI's In-Flight Survey provides the only in-depth, national, comparable data on overseas travelers to the United States. The report is for those industry professionals that must have more detail than our basic entry level information s available on our web site. The database and customized capabilities allow you to truly target your research for specific markets and visitor characteristics.

If you want to know how the international market is changing and who are the travelers to this country, this 1996 In-Flight Survey report is a must for you. From this report and data base, you can obtain estimates of how many international travelers visited your state or city.

The 1996 report format has been revised to reflect the new survey instrument implemented during the calendar year.

Report Highlights:

There are four (4) sections or sets of cross tabs provided in this report. Information is provided for 10 world regions and 22 countries.

There are now 35 tables available in the new 1996 report, up from 24 tables in 1995. The new tables include:

Table 4: Means of Booking the Air Trip
Table 7: Use of Prepaid Lodging as a part of the Package
Table 8: Advance Package Booking Time
Table 17: U.S. Trips in the Last 12 Months
Table 18: U.S. Trips in the Last 5 Years
Table 20: Number of Destinations Visited
Table 28: Trip Expense Payment Methods (i.e. cash, credit cards, travelers checks, and debit cards)
Table 29: All Factors in Airline Choice
Table 30: Main Factor in Airline Choice
Table 31: Type of Airline Ticket
Table 32: Seating Area on Flight

Customized Analysis and Data tapes:

If the new 1996 annual In-Flight Survey report formats do not meet your needs, a customized report can be developed from this data base of almost 42,000 overseas travelers who visited the United States. From the customized report, you can obtain a profile of up to 12 countries or traveler characteristics of international travelers to your state or city as your column headings/banners by the same 35 tables used in the national report. One table is added to the custom report. This table provides the number of nights the travelers was in your state or city.

A single table starts at $750, and a single 12 column/banner report with 36 tables would cost you approximately $1,250 depending on the complexity of your data specifications. TI also recommends you consider purchasing the $650 report as well. By doing so, you will have information on the international visitors to the United States and to your destination. By comparing the results of the two reports, you may find items that make your destination unique.

Ordering A Publication

How To Order Over the Internet: You can order your report from TI's Web site (http://tinet.ita.doc.gov) 24 hours a day. The purchase can be made as an invoice that you can print, or you can order by Visa and MasterCard.

How to order by Phone or Fax: Reports can also be ordered over the phone or by sending in a fax request using a TI order form. Call (202) 482-4029 to place an order with TI Staff. Fax (202) 482-2887 to place and order with an order form.

Ordering Customized Reports: All custom reports from this data base are developed by TI's contractor for the In-Flight Survey - CIC Research Inc. in San Diego, California. To order a customized report please call (619) 637-4000, or fax: (619) 637-4040. Ask for Lois Wauson or Addison Schonland.

For more information on Tourism Industries In-Flight Survey of overseas travelers to the U.S., please visit our web site. There is a profile of the overseas traveler to the U.S. and a description of the program. You can find this information at: http://tinet.ita.doc.gov/


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