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Date:Mon, 2 Feb 1998 23:18:31 -0500 (EST)
From: TInews Announcement
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Subject: TInews: Revised 1996 International Visitor Arrival Figures Released

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Revised 1996 International Visitor Arrival Figures Released

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Tourism Industries (TI) revised the 1996 International Visitor Arrival Figures to the United States. The arrival figures are posted on TI's web site (http://tinet.ita.doc.gov) in three tables: Top arrivals to the U.S. with percent change from 1995; World region arrivals to the U.S. with percent change from 1995; and All visitor counts for all countries for 1996 - broken out by world region. The visitor arrival figures are revised from the previous release in October of 1997. Overall the revision is statistically insignificant - only a 1% increase for all overseas arrivals, when compared to the earlier released 1996 arrivals to the U.S. However, the accuracy level has been greatly improved.

The 1996 revised arrival figures are derived from the Immigration and Naturalization Service I-94 forms, which all overseas visitors to the United States are required to fill out before entering the United States. Since April of 1996 TI and INS have been working to establish a new processing system due to substantial problems in INS's existing system. As a result, Tourism Industries developed a new processing system in cooperation with INS which has improved the accuracy and will improve the timeliness of the international visitor counts.

The 1996 revised arrivals data is only available in an abbreviated format on TI's web site for the three tables mentioned above (top arrival countries, world regions and all countries by world region). The traditional 'Summary of International Travel to the United States' report is not scheduled to be printed in a hard copy until later this year because of the new formatting and processing system developed by TI.

1997 Visitor Arrivals Released!

Tourism Industries intends to release the January - September 1997 international visitor arrival figures to the United States by early March 1998. Tourism Industries will post the 1997 data on the web site until the new hard copy report formats have been developed and approved.

Watch for the next TInews announcement on the release of the 1997 International visitor arrival figures.


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