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Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003
From: TInews Announcement <announce@tinet.ita.doc.gov>
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Subject: Interested in capturing the Swiss travel market? Participate in the Visit USA Road Show 2004!

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December 17, 2003

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Interested in capturing the Swiss travel market? Participate in the Visit USA Road Show 2004!

Switzerland was the 18th largest overseas travel market to the United States in 2002, recording over a quarter of a million visitors. The Swiss have the world’s highest per capita income, reflected in the high expenditures for their travelers. Over 80 percent of Swiss travelers to the U.S. are repeat travelers, making them more prone to visit lesser known U.S. destinations, special cultural events and uniquely American activities.

According to the Office of Travel & Tourism Industry’s newest international travel forecast, the Swiss market to the U.S. will grow steadily through 2007, approaching the 300,000 visitors. From 2003 until 2007, arrivals from Switzerland are forecasted to increase 27 percent.

Participate in the Visit USA Road Show 2004

The Visit USA Road Show will roll through Zurich, Bern and Lausanne from February 9-11, 2004, and is the ideal way to meet all of the major tour operators and independent travel agents in the market.

U.S. Commercial Service Bern is recruiting and organizing the Road Show, and is managing the project within the framework of the Visit USA Committee. Participating exhibitors get a full package that includes the setup-up in all three cities and transportation between. Exhibitors need only bring their promotional literature, and Commercial Service specialists will handle the rest.

If you are interested, please contact:
Werner Wiedmer
Jumbilaeumsstrasse 93
U.S Commercial Service
3001 Bern, Switzerland
Phone: 011 41 31 357 7342
Fax: 011 41 31 357 7342
E-mail: Werner.wiedmer@mail.doc.gov

For more information, please visit the following websites:

The Visit USA Road Show 04 website:

Commercial Service Switzerland Website:

To read about how the Commercial Service can assist you with trade events, please visit:

More Research: The Office of Travel and Tourism Industries invites you to visit our website and explore our resources available on Switzerland:

Swiss Outreach Page-

Market Profile for 2002-


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