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Date: Thurs, 28 Aug 2003
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Three staff members join the OTTI Team

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Three staff members join the OTTI Team

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The Office of Travel and Tourism Industries is delighted to announce the addition of three new staff members to the team: Ms. Julie Heizer, Ms. Isabel Hill and Mr. Richard Champley.

All three come to OTTI with a wealth of industry experience to add depth in supporting existing staff and programs for the National Tourism Office for this country. They will also be invaluable for ensuring the success of the U.S. international travel advertising and promotional campaign to be launched by the Department of Commerce in conjunction with the Travel and Tourism Promotion Advisory Board.

Julie Heizer will serve as the Deputy Director of Industry Relations. Ms. Heizer’s main responsibilities will be to manage the office’s industry outreach and relations, measurably expanding our industry partnership base. She will work on the growing number of public/private sector initiatives for this office. This will naturally include the outreach and partnership activities both in-market and throughout the country for the new U.S. promotional campaign. She will manage the public relations contract and efforts for this campaign.

Ms. Heizer comes to us from the Washington DC Convention & Tourism Corporation (WCTC), having served as the Vice President of Tourism. While working for the WCTC, Ms. Heizer was the manager of the organization’s Tourism Committee and managed the trade shows and sales missions of the Corporation. Ms. Heizer also served as a representative to the Capital Region USA marketing consortium.

Ms. Heizer’s previous experience ranges from the Travel Industry Association to the development of the Montgomery County Maryland Convention & Visitors Bureau to the Maryland state Office of Tourism Development to the former U.S. Travel and Tourism Administration.

Ms. Heizer’s expansive experience and industry knowledge will serve as an invaluable asset to expanding the partnership base and international marketing efforts for the Department of Commerce and OTTI.

Ms. Isabel Hill will serve as the Deputy Director of Planning. Through her strategic planning role, Ms. Hill will facilitate the management of the contract for the advertising and promotional campaign. She will help implement the grant program affiliated with the promotional campaign. Ms. Hill will also be a key player in international intergovernmental relations and federal interagency efforts, especially with statistical and economic policy positions. Ms. Hill will lead the expanded use and understanding of the Travel and Tourism Satellite Accounts for the industry.

Ms. Hill comes to us from the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism (DPRT) where she served as the Director of Policy and Research. While at the DPRT, she directed the state’s development of policy and research programs and directed interpreted the Travel and Tourism Satellite Accounting System for the state. Ms. Hill also served the state in other capacities ranging from Director of Business & Community Development to serving as the Director of Film, Entertainment & Sports. She was instrumental in launching an extensive grant program for expanding the state’s heritage tourism efforts.

The variety of Ms. Hill’s experience in business and community development and grant administration will be vital in providing strategic direction that will benefit this country’s tourism development and export expansion.

Mr. Richard Champley will serve as a Senior Market Research Analyst. Mr. Champley’s main responsibilities will be management of the international arrivals database with a focus on improving the data. He will work with other staff members and serve as the administrator of the Office’s largest research program, the Survey of International Air Travelers or In-Flight Survey.

Mr. Champley was an adjunct Instructor at St. Cloud State University in the Department of Aviation. He also served as a market research manager for Unisys focusing upon airlines and airports. He has held several positions at Northwest Airlines, including serving as the Manager of International Marketing Analysis and Planning. His proficiency with data systems, airline uses and perspectives will add to the momentum for improved data collection and analyses for the industry’s strategic planning needs.

As the Deputy Assistant Secretary Doug Baker commented, “We are pleased to add these three distinguished industry professionals to the travel and tourism team at Commerce. I certainly hope that you will join us in welcoming these new members as we continue to serve this dynamic industry.”

To contact these new staff members or any of the travel and tourism team within the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries in Trade Development in the International Trade Administration, call our main office number: (202) 482 – 0140.


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